Spring cleaning – time to ask CSR questions

We promised you earlier that we would talk about cleaning up the environment, spring is the best time for that. So this month in the blog we are going to tackle the subject of CSR commitment.
Now we are all more or less aware of the issues but between promises, greenwashing and real actions let’s take stock of the practices to put in place and to avoid.

1. CSR – how to identify value-added approaches and how to do it ? 

CSR no longer needs to be explained, but how to determine its strategy and initiate an approach.
Especially when to do it and why?
We at Your Daily Assistant are convinced that in the end, the CSR approach must simply be part of a company’s DNA.
Once it is really part of you, of your values: CSR can start with many small actions and it concerns everyone.

But when you want to structure it and start a real approach, the best thing to do is to follow good practices that are already recognised.
For this purpose, we have made a summary of the recommendations of the CCI ( https://www.cote-azur.cci.fr/solutions/demarche-rse/ ), in order to provide you with concrete data and above all it is a good summary of the information that is circulating on this subject.

First of all, you need to know why you are doing it. So we have retained 3 main advantages:
Enhance your image by communicating your responsible choices
To act as a lever for competitiveness
Making savings by reducing consumption.

A common objective for all professionals is performance. To become “responsible” is therefore to be more efficient, let us insist on this term. Because both are possible in a benevolent way.

So now that we are all convinced, let’s get started!

Start with a CSR self-diagnosis, to identify the areas of improvement in our activities on 4 themes: sustainable economy, management, environment and integration in the territory.
Then, the ideal is to have someone accompany you to carry out the Diagnosis, to determine the challenges and, above all, to establish an action plan.

And finally, stay the course, monitor your results, measure your progress and develop your objectives. By involving employees, stakeholders and communicating, you will obtain a good mix of performance and “meaning”. And yes, let’s go back to what we said earlier, the most important thing is to act with your values.
To become a responsible company is to put meaning in your actions, desire, convictions, sharing…. do it sincerely. And yes, the bonus of listening to your eco-system is to become more efficient.

2. Your Daily Assistant has a CSR DNA ?

We created Your Daily Assistant with our identity and our values.
Of course we were informed about the CSR approach and obviously we found ourselves in it.
So yes, it’s a way of setting an example and communicating to our customers that we are committed, but it’s mainly because it’s natural to do so that we don’t have to worry about talking about it.

First of all, in the operation of our company, we have made a number of choices:

  • Environmental: purchase of an electric vehicle, definition of a restricted perimeter of actions to limit our travels and therefore our impact, reduction of printing to a maximum.
  • Economic: selection of local partners to promote local trade, involvement with associations, work with ESATs
  • Social: access to our knowledge with trainees. As we have no staff, we have less impact on these issues. Nevertheless, we are preparing our future and have clear objectives for these notions.

Moreover, the social aspect is a priority for us
It is the aspect that concerns us in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
Indeed, if you are interested in concierge services, we are sure that it is also part of your CSR strategy and therefore of your actions with your human resources management.

In this part of CSR you will be interested in gender equality in your structures, in the inclusion of people with disabilities, in your HR indicators in general.
By this we mean monitoring staff turnover, employee satisfaction, stress levels, and health and safety at work.

This is also one of YDA’s challenges, to be able to support you in your actions to help you make your company a better place to live.

3. What CSR objectives does a concierge service meet ?

Now that you are initiating your approach, let’s go straight to the point: let us tell you how a concierge service (in any case YDA) can validate some of your objectives.

First of all, surrounding yourself with committed partners is already a CSR commitment
Through our services you have the key to make the local eco-system work.
– You promote a pleasant working environment for your employees by acting on the quality of life at work.
– You enable us to act on inclusion because we work in partnership with ESATs.
– You promote short circuits and therefore reduce your environmental impact. In this respect, you have a service provider who uses an eclectic approach and your deliveries are therefore more responsible.
– You allow your employees to have a privileged contact and therefore help them in their integration.
Get your teams involved again and thus reduce absences, work stoppages and stress.
Act on the reduction of work accidents by involving coaches for posture, for sport, …..

You will therefore meet many social objectives, develop cohesion and become an employer of reference.
We can even go further by creating events that can involve associations, organise environmental clean-ups, raise awareness of recycling….

Can we do more than a concierge service to meet CSR expectations? Perhaps yes, because you will still have many other subjects to deal with, but at least you will have one aspect less, and not the least, all coordinated by a single contact, your YDA service provider
Having involved employees also means having allies to support you in your actions and this is an essential notion: involving stakeholders and your employees must be committed for everything to work.

4. Conclusion 

It could start and end with: our advice: set up a company concierge service (and that would be just like us)
However, we will end by telling you that the image you convey of your company is important, but it must be sincere and you must get all of your employees on board.
You have a lot of sources and actors to accompany you but it is already a lot to advance step by step action by action.
There are no small initiatives.

When do you start?
What will be your priorities?
What are your next available times to talk about it?

Now let’s take the time to talk about CSR strategy and company performance.-

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