You can get your groceries at the drive-thru, or a fast meal delivery, but what about your personalized needs?

Our offering

Today it’s her birthday but unfortunately you forgot. Don’t worry ! Which color ? What are her favorite flowers ?
Today you should take care of Christmas’s gift but unfortunately you have an emergency at the office. Give us the list of your loved ones ! We drop off all at the office ? Need an original gift ? A custom idea ?
Fresh Vegetables
Today you made good resolution you had to consume fresh products but unfortunately in large area not all is local. We know good local producers. A basket of fruits and vegetables? Want to eat seasonal vegetables?
Today you had decided to drop your laundry at the dry-cleaner but unfortunately you must go on the move. We pick up your duvet and we drop off at the dry cleaning? Can we bring it back to your home? Your shirts for next week?
Post a package
Today your long-awaited order is arrived in relai point but unfortunately the relai point close at 4pm and you don’t leave before 6pm. We can pick up your package. A hint of impatience? Go to the post office?
A nice touch for a dinner
Today you go to a dinner at your step-brother’s house and you had promised that you bring wine but unfortunately you forgot, it is 6pm and you are still at the office. Come back home to dress up and we’ll do the rest. Rather rosé, white or red ?

This list is not exhaustive, for any other request do not hesitate to contact your assistants

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