Corporate gifts : instructions

Already one year has passed. Like every year it’s the comeback of the Christmas holidays. And especially the moment to ask ourselves who we want to thank.
It’s time for gifts and also for corporate gifts.
We will see in this blog what is the importance of end of year gifts and especially what are our top ideas.

1. Why and to whom to give corporate gifts ?

Gifts often have three main objectives. The one to create loyalty, to motivate and to thank.
They are intended for your customers or your employees.

For the customers:

we will try to retain them. We want to show them our little attentions, to value them.
It is also a way to make them important and to show them that they had a role in the functioning of your company.
A pampered customer will want to follow you. You will have succeeded in your loyalty actions.

For your employees:
To thank them is to show them that you are grateful for their work provided all year long.
It also shows them that they are important in the company.
And it is beneficial for your management because you will motivate them. They will of course be more involved afterwards because they will be considered.

Year-end gifts are very important and you need to know who you are giving them to and why.

2. How to choose your gifts ?

The gifts must be chosen according to the global strategy of the company. They should correspond to your values and your image.
But above all, they have to be carefully chosen according to your interlocutor.
You should personalize your purchases.
Indeed, in order for them to make a good impression, the person receiving them should feel that the gift has been personally selected for them.

We advise you to start with the following steps:

1 Define your objective
At this step, you decide why you are giving the gift, what your objective is, the purpose. The goal being simply to define the intention of the gift and help you find it.

2 Define your budget
It is important to know how much your gift will cost. This will help you know where to look.
In your search you will be able to find all price ranges and products, so it is important to know where you are going so as not to waste time and especially not to start on the wrong tracks.

3 Select the beneficiaries of the gift
Choose who you are giving gifts to, your oldest customers? the latest ones? your partners? your employees?
You may not be able to offer gifts to everyone, and besides, it would not necessarily be wise.
So now you can make a list of beneficiaries.

4 Choose carefully.
As mentioned above, the gift should be like you and personal.
It has to be like you, that is to say, it has to convey the image of your company and its values. You will have to find a coherence in your choices. And personalized because you make the gift for the other person and not for you, so think well about your interlocutor during your research.

5 Control your fiscal impact.
A little extra if you have many gifts is to control the expense and here again I invite you to study the benefits of your gifts. Without expertise in the field I invite you to consult the following page:

To finish: take care of the delivery of the gifts.
As important as the gift itself, find the right moment.
For your employees, this can be during a Christmas afterwork for example, or individually.
For your customers, don’t hesitate to come and see them, organize a meeting, once again do it in the way that suits you.

3. Gift ideas Made In : Alpes-Maritimes

Let’s make it simple at first to tell you about the gift offer in the Alpes-Maritimes.
Simple but daring, you just have to open the Your Daily Assistant catalog to find a range of local products.
We have two main categories of products for end of year gifts:

Wellness boxes and gourmet boxes.

Christmas is already gourmet so let’s start with this one.
The gourmet baskets for us should ideally consist of small things to nibble and some things to drink. We have baskets rather salty or rather sweet.
That’s why we can marry an organic red wine with a flower confit or Tapenades, or mix a small craft beer with an aubergine caviar.
Everything is possible and adaptable according to your tastes, or rather according to the beneficiary of the gift.
Our little favorite for the end of the year, obviously the onion confit but also the champagne accompanied by small cookies.

The end of year vacations will also be the occasion to take care of yourself.
The wellness boxes will offer a bubble of softness to your employees.
Softness in our shower whipped cream, an experience not to be missed for an original local and natural product. Multiple possibilities to please everyone in handcrafted upcycled pouches. Our desires of the moment the natural varnish a real added value from its design to its use.

You have what to delight the people you want to thank, and if it has not yet brought you all the keys to a beautiful gift, stroll between the pages of the catalog to compose yourself your boxes:

4. Conclusion

Take the moment to show everyone how important they are to you in your business.
Do it in the way that feels most like you.
And most importantly, just do it authentically. A successful gift is a sincere gift.

What if you went for it?
What if you choose responsible gifts?
What if you made your employees happy?
What if you spread your values through a gift?

And if you had the time to do it, wouldn’t you look at the Your Daily Assistant catalog ?