Subscription to an eco-friendly concierge to help you consume better and consume local

Your company has just joined the YDA Concierge Service and now you have a new service to help you with your daily tasks. Your company would like to give you an additional advantage so you can flourish in your workplace.

The 5 key steps to access at your concierge

You receive an invitation for the concierge’s first permanence by mail. This appointment is a friendly moment and the opportunity for you and all co-workers to meet your assistants.

Thanks to the company’s subscription you benefit from a personal account. Your will be given id and a password to communicate with your assistants for your personalised service.

You subscribe to our newsletter to discover all the latest news from your company permanence as well as our partner offers.

Every week your assistants will have office hours in your company so you can request or receive an errand or to talk with your assistants.

You'll receive a satisfaction survey after one month so you can give us your first impressions. We aim to adapt and customise the permanence based on your feedback.

Take your time now !

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