A month of March under the sign of women’s enterprise: in a world of HUMAN rights!

The month of March is characterized in particular by its famous 8 March day, a day which claims the rights of women.
Do we also have a differentiating mark in labour law? Are the rights the same for all? At a time when integration, diversity and mixity are being advocated, how do our companies behave on the ground?
So, this month in the blog we have once again put the spotlight on working methods, those that allow us to better reconcile our professional and personal lives and to be fulfilled. So, yes, we did it with women, but precisely to underline the non-difference. Let’s forget the paradox between difference and gender and focus on the company and the entrepreneur of today by listening to the stories of the professionals around us.

1. The entrepreneur today :

Today’s entrepreneur is a creator who launches his project, as he has done for a long time, except that today he does more and more.
The company director is a multi-skilled person who invests himself fully and relentlessly.
So, does he have time to do everything and to blossom in this world where everything goes fast?
I invite you to discover our guests of the day through their experiences.

1.1. How do you reconcile your professional and your personal life when you are an entrepreneur ? Is it a woman’s business to ask this question ?

Let’s go back to Dehbia’s story. She has been a business owner for a year now, a mother of two children, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a recruiter, a neighbour ….. how she carries out her daily roles.

Dehbia is at the head of a human services company, APY SERVICES, she starts from scratch and puts together all the files to obtain her approvals, certifications…. At the same time, she launched the business, recruited her staff and approached her clients…. But she is also a mother and with her husband manages school outings, meals ….. in fact, she is active and simply a business manager. But it is she who tells us the best (I invite you to find a testimonial every week of this month on our linkedin professional page)

Discover on March 8th how Dehbia is developing a company that recruits, how she creates economy while leading an intense family life especially during these last 9 months……Congratulations Dehbia!

1.2. Women’s entrepreneurship, a special case ?

We are interested in these women entrepreneurs and I propose to listen to Sarah from Calipsia Patrimoine and Julie from My Works Partner on their journey.

On 15 March, find out why they created their companies, how they did it and above all how they organise themselves today.
They will answer the question: is their path a woman’s path?

So, in the end, the path to entrepreneurship is the same for everyone?

1.3. la mixité dans les métiers

So yes, entrepreneurship is a difficult path for both men and women. But what about on the ground? We’ve seen who’s entrepreneurial, but let’s talk about the business now with Angelica from Classy Driving and Laura from Craftazur.
Are there men’s jobs and women’s jobs?
They will tell us how they found their way into their jobs on 22 March.

How do we choose our job at a young age, what are our influences.

2. So let’s get some diversity in the workplace

The paradox is therefore there; the woman is highlighted, but it is insisted that there is no difference. Now that the framework has been established, let’s come back to the practices in companies. You have obligations and practices, what are they?
First of all, a law that dates back a little, 1972, imposes equal pay, but in fact in 2020 men still seem to earn 28.5% more than women.

Large companies are obliged to have at least 40% women on their boards.

To finish with the examples, parental leave, especially for men, has evolved considerably, with 28 days now possible.

So we can see that everything is being done to reduce the gaps on both sides, but there is still room for improvement.

3. How does Your Daily Assistant approach the subject?

We at Your Daily Assistant try to say that you don’t need men where you expect them, you don’t need women at all costs just because they are women. We like to see men and women fulfilled, no matter where they are.

We work for the well-being at work of the Employee with a capital C. A man or a woman who invests in his or her work and who needs our support on a daily basis to excel.

Our objective is to adapt to each individual:
We have Dads who are absent on Wednesdays to spend the day with the children
We have women who go jogging at lunchtime
We have Mums who stay late at work and others who leave for school
We have men who leave at 5pm for a hairdressing appointment

We have women with responsibilities and men with responsibilities who try to balance their professional and personal lives as best they can.
And there to manage both more differences we have women and men involved.

4. Conclusion

In a company you are an employee like any other, women, men, mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, friend, neighbour, child, …… you are ONE PERSON.
You are a link in the chain, you have different jobs and you are each complementary.

We are all different already, why do we keep emphasizing that!
Let’s build different companies for tomorrow by putting in everything we need and what we are like.

How do you deal with equality in your companies?
And what are your concerns in your companies?
And you, how do you see these issues in the future?

Now let’s take the time to look into it!

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